I’m Sarah, and my life revolves around food.

Whether I’m working, driving, talking in my sleep or already eating, you would likely hear the phrase, “I’m hungry!” more than a few times. I don’t eat for sustenance… i’m just obsessed with food.

When I started my first job in banking, it was a total 180 degree change of an active lifestyle to a sedentary desk job, and it basically ripped my world apart not being able to move around all the time. It was depressing, and quite frankly, I was miserable in every sense of the word. I had nothing fun to look forward to, no free time. It was just no good. I needed something else; I needed something fulfilling.

I was spending some time helping a friend with her business, and she had recently become certified in Feng Shui and Space Clearing. As I organized her office, categorizing contacts and resources for her, I came across a seemingly endless network of people, locally and across the internet, that continued to open doors. Reiki, more Space Clearing, energy work, meditation… things I hadn’t given a second glance to before, suddenly seemed like the right path forward! How interesting was this world? That same night, I stayed at her house to help with dinner and ended up cooking a recipe from a yoga/food blog we had found, and simple as it was, it was the most delicious (and the very first) meal I can ever remember cooking all by myself. By planning things I loved to eat, I had reason to bring people back into my life and enjoy their company; I had something to look forward to, and something to offer everyone. Since then, my world has revolved around what I’m cooking, how I can add to it, and most importantly — who’s coming over for dinner?

In my experience, the greatest gift from your low times is to give yourself the opportunity to be the best “you” that you can be, because it’s never the wrong time to start.  It’s very cliche, and a bit Dr. Seuss-y, but the simplest way I learned how to heal is to fuel your body like the beautiful machine that it is — physically, emotionally and spiritually. And so it was; I turned to cooking and the quest for spirituality to become “me” again.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but as you read through my recipes, my thoughts and my experiences, hopefully you can enjoy where I’ve come from thus far, and where I’m going. Carpe Diem, y’all.


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